About Us

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 8:00am to 5:00pm for Day Camp
(Reservations are highly recommended)
Overnight Boarding available ALL WEEK with advanced confirmed reservations

We Know Dogs And How To Keep Them Happy

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Forever Puppy Day Camp & Boarding is operated by two dog lovers, Carlo and Lyn Medina. We have taken our own dogs to facilities that had too many dogs, and that concerned us. After all, we would all love to take our four-legged family members everywhere we go, but sometimes that just is not possible.

We wanted to create a small, friendly, intimate environment that is like home, where the dogs can be comfortable, play, and have the attention they deserve. We wanted a facility that did not have too many dogs. This way, we could ensure that the dogs have their needs met, and that the facilities can remain clean and safe for pets. Part of what we envisioned was a large facility where pets could have open play time, and where they will be cared for by caring, compassionate, and well-trained professionals who treat your dogs like family.

We took all of those ideas and rolled them together to create your dog’s home away from home. Here at Forever Puppy Day Camp & Boarding we have created a safe, friendly environment for your pet when it is not possible for him to travel with you.

"We offer packages as well as discounts for extended stay. Click Here To Book A Reservation"